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      Elizabeth Bennett holds a B.A. in Studio Art and a B.A in Philosophy from Stanford University, where she was awarded the Raina Giese Award in Creative Painting.   She received her M.F.A. from Mills College in Oakland, and was chosen as a finalist for the Headlands Graduate Fellowship.


       Bennett has been granted residencies at Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts in Wyoming, PLAYA in Oregon, StudioWorks at the Tides Institute in Maine, and is currently a resident of the Cubberley Artist Studio Program in Palo Alto, California. Her work has shown extensively and is public collections in Maryland, Washington, and Hawaii.

Alternative Bio


       Elizabeth Bennett learned to draw naked people as an undergraduate at Stanford.  She drew enough naked people to populate a good sized naked city, and received a B.A in Studio Art, the Raina Giese Award in Creative Painting, and a B.A in Philosophy for her efforts.

        During her years teaching, Elizabeth was known to occasionally park her mini-van in the school’s ultra-taboo buses only spot.  This “endeared” her to the administration, as did the time they had to call the fire department because smoke was billowing out of her classroom.

        Bennett returned to school for her MFA at Mills College in Oakland,CA.  Again parking was an issue, so she created her own Reserved Parking space and printed her own tickets, payable to her, to enforce it.  And again the administration loved her.

        Furthering her career, Ms. Bennett has been awarded residencies at the Brush Creek Foundation in WY, PLAYA in OR, the Tides Institute in Maine, and the City of Palo Alto’s CASP. She has shown her work throughout California, as well as nationally.  Her work has been acquired by the Hawai’i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, Notre Dame of Maryland University’s Gormley Gallery, and King County Public Art Collection (Seattle, WA) and is in many private collections.  She is very proud to mention that, to this date, no one has ever asked for their money back.

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