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I feel strongly about everyone acting upon their right to vote. During the 2020 election season I made lawn signs for fake candidates. I designed them so that at first glance they seem like a random assortment of campaign signs. But with a longer look, amid the humor, the word VOTE appears. I made 3 different versions. 


IMG_4740 edit for website.jpg

Version 1  

13 lawn signs

180" x 36"


Installed along Cristo Rey Drive, Cupertino, CA

compilation version 1 final for website
IMG_4737 crop.jpg

Installed along Arboretum Drive, Los Altos, CA

Version 2

13 lawn signs

180" x 36"


V2  compilation 2 edit 2 final for wesit

Installed in front of Los Altos Main Library

San Antonio Rd., Los Altos, CA

IMG_4744 crop.jpg

Literary Version

8 lawn signs

82" x 36"


for denise.jpg
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